Series 1 by Tink Bastian, 2000-2004


Carsten Pfeiffer

A Short Intro

  • Located in: Berlin, Germany
  • Occupation: I'm studying Computer Science at the Technical University of Berlin
  • Nickname on IRC: Gis
  • Claim to Fame: KuickShow (still KDE1 only, but a new release is coming up, promised), large parts of klipper, a good chunk of the KDE file dialog, some things in Konqueror (the history and completion for example) and I was one of the kISDN authors. Oh, and the System Notifications control module.
  • Fav. KDE applications: I really enjoy Konqueror, mostly for web browsing. KNode for reading News. I love ksirc for its simplicity (the GUI, not the code :}). And I like noatun, the new Media player for its extendibility with plugins. For university, KLyX has helped me a lot.
  • Hardware: Some self-assembled box with all kinds of things in it - every single slot is used and Windows had a hard time with resource management. I had to disable a serial port to get the ISDN card working :} No problem with Linux of course. The CPU is an AMD K6-2 500 and I've got 128 megs.

Jono Bacon

A Short Intro

  • Located in: United Kingdom
  • Occupation: Student and freelance writer
  • Nickname on IRC: [vmlinuz]
  • Claim to Fame: Kafka maintainer, writer of many articles on KDE for magazines, the KDE metal god ;-)
  • Fav. KDE applications: KDevelop, Konqueror, KMail
  • Hardware: Athlon 750 / 128MB RAM / 20GB Disk

Rinse de Vries

A Short Intro

  • Located in: Bolsward, Netherlands
  • Occupation: I'm a cook
  • Claim to Fame: Dutch translation of KDE GUI
  • Fav. KDE applications: KBear, Konqueror, KOrganizer
  • Hardware: Intel P166MMX

Jing-Jong Shyue

A Short Intro

  • Located in: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Occupation: Chemistry/Materials Science<
  • Claim to Fame: KDE translation to Traditional Chinese
  • Fav. KDE applications: Konqueror
  • Hardware: PIII-750/P55C-300

Wolfram Diestel

A Short Intro

  • Located in: Leipzig, Germany
  • Occupation: Software developer, now at home caring for my daughter
  • Claim to Fame: Translations to Esperanto
  • Fav. KDE applications: KBabel, KMail, KNode, Konqueror
  • Hardware: Duron 700, 128 MB, 15" monitor