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What is suitable content for BehindKDE?

We accept interviews of contributors to the KDE community, including but not limited to developers, artists, translators or supporters.

Do I have to ask before submitting an interview?

No, if you have an article that you think is suitable please feel free to submit it directly. The BehindKDE editors team will then take care of reviewing and publishing it.

How do I include pictures?

Ideally, put them online somewhere and provide link locations at the top of the interview text. We will then upload them to BehindKDE. If this is not possible, provide a brief description in the article text and one of the editors will contact you to have them emailed privately.

What if I've an idea for a next interview but don't want to write it myself?

Send an email to with brief details and links to further information. Then one of the promotion team members may pick it up and write the interview or help you doing so.
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