How it all started

Way back in the year 2000, Tink Bastian created a series of interviews with people who contribute to KDE. She wanted to show the personal interest of these people, their kicks, motivations and passions: the interviews are therefore not only about KDE, but also delve into the personal life of the person behind the online persona. All interviews in Series 1 were produced by Tink Bastian. Other commitments in her life sadly left her with no time to work on this series, and so in 2005 she asked the Dutch KDE community to maintain and continue the series, which became Series 2.

2007 brought Series 3, produced by Danny Allen, of the weekly KDE Commit-Digest.

New for 2008 is Series 4, with interviews conducted by A. L. Spehr.

In 2010 Tom Albers decided that it was time for some new interviews and interviewed KDE Sysadmin and the people directly involved around the sysadmin team


Firstly, big thanks must go to Tink Bastian for having the foresight and perseverance to create the original concept and series.

Series 1

   Tink Bastian

Series 2

   Tijmen Baarda
   Fabrice Mous
   Jonathan Riddell

Series 3

   Danny Allen

Series 4

   A. L. Spehr

Series 5

   Tom Albers