Cross platform support of KDE - learn more about the people behind it


Bogdan Vatra

Bogdan Vatra

  Name: Bogdan Daniel Vatra
  Age: 31
  Location: Bra┼čov, Romania
  Project: Qt on Android

We had heard something about it but few people took it seriously. Yet last week we were surprised by a very nice announcement: the Qt SDK has been ported to Android and the first release is available. We were immediately interested in knowing more.

This time, in the Behind KDE Platforms series, Pau Garcia i Quiles talks about Qt on Android with Bogdan Vatra, the lead developer behind it.


Patrick Spendrin

Last week KDE 4.5.4 was released for Windows. It was a late Christmas present from the KDE on Windows team and we were immediately interested in learning more about the project. In the first interview of the "Platforms" series, Pau Garcia i Quiles talks with Patrick Spendrin, the current release manager of KDE on Windows and asks, well, everything.