Gregory Mokhin

A Short Intro

  • Located in: Moscow, Russia
  • Occupation: Leading Researcher, Radio R&D Inst., Moscow
  • Nickname on IRC: Grisha
  • Claim to Fame: Make KDE not sansara
  • Fav. KDE applications: KWinTV :-)
  • Hardware: Dual PIII-450 / 128 MB / SB Live! / Aver TV Capture

The Interview

What is your role within KDE?

I try to let people use KDE in my native language, that is Russian. Coordinating such a project is a hard job and it is fun, so it is better to do it perfect than not to do it at all.

How and when did you get involved in KDE?

Oh, my friend suggested me to install Linux a couple of years ago. He promised to me: two months of study and endless joy. He turned out to be real Linux guru, since that time I have been studying, and joy is always within ourselves. Also I felt from the very beginning I needed a well-done development environment (my guru uses joe, of course :), and Qt - KDE - KDevelop was the answer.

How much time do you spend on KDE?

It depends, time is limited, so I'd rather like to be more efficient...

What is your favorite tool?

For translation KBabel is superb, and I really like KDevelop as an editor for source code and development tool.

Is there a process you follow when you design/write code/translate/write documentation?

I say: Grisha, look, here is a piece of work that can make some benefit to other people. With such a motivation I find some qualified people who are ready to translate, and then real work starts: we have to check everything with our correcter (the most precious person in our team) etc. Then I commit...

What are the problems you encounter while translating?

I can't work 25 hours a day. Also I'm stupid, so it takes time to cope with problems when they arise. ;=)

How many people are working on the translations?

About 20 people contributed to Russian translations. But very few people have enough time that I can absolutely rely upon them. We need more people, of course, to translate documentation and to keep up with unbelievably fast KDE progress.

Do you get reactions from the people who use your translations?

I believe we will prepare a translation hit by the time of 2.1 release, then Russian people enjoy using KDE in their mother language, then normal process will start: people read and get angry when they find some letter missing, then they flame the author, and author will be grateful etc.

What was your first computer?

My fingers. ;-)

Which program would you say every KDE user should have?

C++ compiler.

If you could add one personal feature to KDE what would that be?

I would appreciate if I can choose the language of each program independently of general settings. For example, if I like Korean music, why shouldn't I be able to launch CD player in Korean while doing my translation with KBabel? Just a dream, of course...

What application/game would you like to see ported to KDE?

Video conferencing software, that is my main research and job. It is really a benchmark for the quality of code and of OS itself.

Where do you see yourself and KDE 2 years from now?

Sitting in a warm place in front of KDE screen talking live with other happy and joyful KDE developers all around the globe.

Are you being paid to work for KDE and if yes by who?

No, not yet... ;-)

Personal Questions

Where and when were you born?

I was born in Moscow, October 1964.

Which University/School did you go to?

It was a great experience - Moscow Physical-Technical Institute (PhysTech), I graduated in 1988. This University is a place where brilliant people get together to study science rather than drink beer (which is also nice, of course). Back in 80s, there were almost no powerful computers in the University, so we had to use our brain quite a lot. Luckily, computers appeared after I received my Ph.D. in 1991 ;-)

What's your status, are you single and up for adoption?

I'm married.

If married/girlfriend/partner(m/f), how does he/she cope living with a KDE addict?

You see, my wife almost can't cope with it. I think living with KDE addict is an ordeal, so I pretend not to be one...

Do you have children?

I have one son, his name is Roma and he is twelve years old.

What are the biggest turning points/events in your life?

It is better always to look ahead...

What is the nicest thing anyone ever did for you?

I believe that being absolutely sincere with oneself is the best thing one can do for him/herself. Others can only contribute to that.

What are the things you want to have done before you die?

Frankly? I will be happy if my death doesn't cause trouble to anyone.

Did you meet your best friend (no family) virtually or in person?

My best friend is always present within my heart...

Did you ever met a fellow KDE'r in person, when and where?


Name your favorite quote/saying.

Say A-A-A...