People Behind KDE

Who are these people? Where do they live? What motivates them to contribute to the KDE Project? What is important to them? Who are their favorite writers, singers and actors? What do they eat? Well... you get the picture.

People Behind KDE interviews people from the KDE community to understand what really makes them tick. In addition to developers, this is an opportunity to get to know more about the artists, translators, promoters and others who make KDE the community it is today.


Frank Reininghaus

Frank Reininghaus Frank is the new maintainer of Dolphin, the default file manager of KDE's Plasma Workspace. In this interview he shares how he got this role, his future plans with Dolphin and his motivation for this work.

Anne Wilson

Anne Wilson Anne Wilson is a committed and venerable member of the KDE community. She talks about her journey from an ordinary user to a user supporter, and how her hobby drives the development of one small KDE application.

Vishesh Handa

Vishesh Handa In this edition of Behind KDE we meet young and enthusiastic developer Vishesh Handa, the new driving force behind the semantic capabilities in KDE Workspaces. Vishesh talks about his beginnings with KDE development as well as his current fulltime job on improving Nepomuk.

Bogdan Vatra

Bogdan Vatra

  Name: Bogdan Daniel Vatra
  Age: 31
  Location: Braşov, Romania
  Project: Qt on Android

We had heard something about it but few people took it seriously. Yet last week we were surprised by a very nice announcement: the Qt SDK has been ported to Android and the first release is available. We were immediately interested in knowing more.

This time, in the Behind KDE Platforms series, Pau Garcia i Quiles talks about Qt on Android with Bogdan Vatra, the lead developer behind it.


Nuno Pinheiro

Nuno Marco Fernandes Pinheiro

Nuno Marco Fernandes Pinheiro. Among other things he describes himself as an icon and UI designer, Oxygen coordinator, KDE member, freedom fighter, husband and dreamer.