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Ever wonder what the KDE community is up to besides saving the universe from evil? well this is your lucky day, sit down, relax and listen in on what’s going on inside the KDE universe. <br>
Your host at these shows: gamaral (By some known as: Guillermo A. Amaral B.)


KDE and the Masters of the Universe 0x0002

This week on KDEMU we introduce Mike Arthur one of the co-hosts of KDEMU, we talk about KDE on Mac OSX, his plans for rent-a-child and his love for David Faure! Don’t forget to comment in the show page or follow @gamaral and @mikearthur on Twitter and let us have it!


KDE and the Masters of the Universe

Today on the very first episode of KDEMU we have Aaron Seigo who tells us about KDE, KDE SC, Akademy and his upcoming keynote!