Jaime Robles

Jaime Robles

Personal details

Name: Jaime Robles.

Location: Madrid (Spain).

Date and location of birth: 9/feb/76.

Profession: Internet Security Consultant (Telecommunication Engineer).

Hardware: Laptop.... <reminder> # cat /proc/cpuinfo </reminder> PII 700MHz.

Claim to Fame: Spanish KDE translator team coordinator.

Nickname on IRC: ea4abw (but i am not very often in IRC)

The Interview

KDE-related stuff

Is there a certain application/set of applications in KDE you are responsible for?

Spanish KDE translations, I am translating the KDENetwork package.

What else do you do for KDE?

I use it! ;-)

Is there any unreleased stuff in your pipe?

No, after a release we (translators) have some "spare" time ':-) But we hope to have KDE 3 full translated into Spanish.

How much time do you usually spend on KDE?

When there is a KDE release in few days... about 2/3 hours everyday when there is not a release in a few days... 1 hour/day (more or less)..

When did you hear of KDE first?

In the days of KDE Beta1 or Beta2, I think... but I cannot remember.

How and when did you get involved in KDE?

Don't know... some weeks after trying it!

When did you start to use KDE on a daily basis?

I started to use KDE on a daily basis when I knew about it... I were used to the "text mode" before ;-)

Do you always use leading edge KDE? If so, how did it make you bleed?

Well I use KDE mainly in my work laptop so I cannot afford to be on the edge. I am using the Debian packages.

How do you find out what a certain string really means and what it should be translated to?

Uff! Sometimes it is VERY difficult... Mainly when the developer is using "argot" or strange words that we (the KDE-ES team) have never heard about. In that case... we could ask each other or trying to guess O:-)

What is your favorite tool?


What is your favorite KDE application?

KMail... it is a wonderful program... I am missing X.509 (digital certificates) as it is supported on Netscape but I have been using KMail daily for several years.

What is missing badly in KDE?

I miss better java/javascript support in konqueror... since there are still some pages that cannot be seen and you have to start Netscape :-\ And... the digital certificates support for KMail... I really miss it!

What do you think, when will "The Tea Cooker" actually be able to make tea?

Well, the one I have installed on my system does coffee for me :-P

What was the worst thing KDE did to you?

It introduced me full into the open source community! ;-)

Imagine yourself designing a style or theme for KDE. How would it look like?

I am not very "artistic". X'DDD

Which section of KDE is underrated and could get more publicity?

Maybe something about the KDE's (and LINUX) friendly and power to some more WinUsers.

Are you being paid to work on KDE?

No but I wouldn't mind to be. ;-)

Where and when should the next KDE meeting be held? Will you attend?

There will be the "HispaLinux", there will be a KDE part and I will be there.

Where will KDE be in 2 year's time? Will you still be involved? How?

It will be on my laptop and i hope to be at least as involved as I am now.

You are hired to write the script for a commercial for KDE (like "The Heist" by IBM). What would be the plot?

...uf! Me and the art again! :-? Could it be in Spanish? Bien pues yo haria algo que dejara ver la potencia y facilidad de uso que KDE ofrece a sus usuarios, las ventajas del open-source pero sin ser explicito... dejando mucho a la imaginacion de los espectadores. <translation>
Well, I would make something that insinuate the KDE's power and friendly capabilities to it's users, the advantages of the open-source without doing it in a explicit way... Allowing the public to imagine </translation>
I am used to translating... O:-)

Someone sends you an email about KDE in a language you do not understand at all. What do you do?

Move it to the trash? Well, it depend... if it doesn't seem to be similar to a virus nor spam I would ask for a English or a Spanish version.

What do you think is KDE 2.2 greatest feature except from being a great desktop?

The stability.

What was your first computer?

A Sinclair Spectrum 48k (I was 8) (and some years after a Investronica PC 8086, 640RAM + 20Mb HD)

Personal stuff

First things first. Are you married/do you have a partner? Or are you up for adoption?

Well I am still single but I have a great girlfriend :-)

If you have a partner, how does your mate cope with a KDE addict?

She has translated two or three packages as well, but she doesn't like to be hours in front of the PC.

Do you have children?

Nooooooo, well... i have a ferret, called Pi.

If you have got children, how do they cope with a KDE addict?

Pi still doesn't know about computers. ;-)

How many siblings do you have?

Do you mean brothers? There is a two year younger one.

How was it like to grow up where you grew up?

It wasn't too difficult. I am lucky!

Rumour has it geeks thrive on pizza and coke. What's your fuel?

I really love pizza and coke... (I had pizza for dinner just yesterday!)

You are visiting a foreign country and the menu in the restaurant you are having dinner in is just gibberish to you. What do you do?

I REALLY like having strange food... when I have been out of Spain or just out of Madrid (here in Spain food is VERY different from one side to another) I love to taste what people (from that place) eat so... I would ask the waiter to suggest something from the more local menu. :-)'

Do you cook yourself? If so, what?

Pizza, fried eggs, chips, ... I don't like to spend cooking more time than eating ;-)

Who does the dish washing at your home?

The washing machine.

Do you remember what was on screen when you visited a cinema last time?

I went to a cinema... on saturday and I saw "Intacto" (Intact) a Spanish film.. I usually go to the cinema once a week ;-)

Apart from books about programming, do you own any other stuff than your passport?

I love fantasy books (Lord of The Rings and so on).

Assuming you do read fiction, what's your favorite quote by your favorite author?

There is not a favorite one.

Would you use software to organize your books/CDs? Why?

No. I have all my stuff all around... there is no way to organize it O:-)

What do you sing when nobody is listening and what when people are listening?

I don't sing very much... and I could say I don't sing if there is somebody listening. ;-)

If you are a smoker, does it ever happen to you that your cigarette sets your ashtray on fire? How often?

I don't smoke.

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