Contributions to Series 3 by Danny Allen, 2007-2009


Matthias Kretz

A Short Intro

  • Age: 26
  • Located in: Heidelberg, Germany
  • Occupation: Student of Physics and Computer Science
  • Nickname on IRC: Vir
  • Claim to Fame: Phonon. Before that I worked on KView, aRts and some kdelibs classes to help with plugins and configuration dialogs for plugin/KPart based applications.
  • Fav. KDE applications: My Phonon test apps. :) No, seriously, the five apps that I always have running are Kontact, Konqueror, Konversation, Konsole and Yakuake. All of them very useful and powerful applications, leaving little to ask for.
  • Hardware: Samsung R65, dual core laptop with a nice 1400x1050 screen.
  • Homepage: Not very useful:
  • Blog:

Jason Harris

A Short Intro

  • Age: 34
  • Located in: Tucson, AZ
  • Occupation: Astronomer
  • Nickname on IRC: LMCBoy (the LMC is my favorite galaxy)
  • Claim to Fame: Lead developer of KStars; initiated the KDE4 Release Team
  • Fav. KDE applications: Konqueror, Kontact, KDevelop, Kile, KPDF, Kalzium, Marble, Amarok, KBounce, digiKam, emacs, the Gimp, Hugin, NX
  • Hardware: Work: Dual Intel Xeon 3.4 GHz / 6G RAM
    Home: AMD64 3400+ / 2G RAM
    Laptop: Macbook Pro 2GHz / 1G RAM
  • Homepage: (personal) (work)
  • Blog:

Troy Unrau

A Short Intro

  • Age: 23 - but I had to do the math before I was certain. I don't really mark my birthdays.
  • Located in: Winnipeg, MB
    (city of about 750,000 people, central Canada)
  • Occupation: Geophysics Student Extraordinaire
  • Nickname on IRC: troy
  • Claim to Fame:
    • Road to KDE 4 author is what I'm best known for... while egosurfing with Google, that is now just about the only results you'll get for my name.
    • I've spent a lot of time on IRC helping users, as time permits, or doing small "fixup" tasks in SVN.
    • I have a few projects in the works, such as a proposed PDF magazine for KDE users and power users. Danny Allen (the interviewer) also has his hands dirty with this one, so I guess we have gotten to know each other pretty well over the last 6 months.
  • Fav. KDE applications: "startkde" is my favourite application, since it lets me use all my other favourites :)
  • Hardware: AMD64. I'm a big AMD fan, but I cannot seem to logically justify that choice. Could be a mindshare thing :)
  • Homepage: Currently out of commission - I haven't reactivated my server since I moved, over a month ago. When it does come back online sometime over the next months, it'll once again live at unless I come across some money to buy a real domain :).

Tom Albers

A Short Intro

  • Age: Early thirties
  • Located in: Culemborg, that's just south of Utrecht, which is in the middle of The Netherlands.
  • Occupation: I co-own a company which helps small companies with their IT and websites.
  • Nickname on IRC: toma
  • Claim to Fame: Mailody, RSIBreak
  • Fav. KDE applications: Besides the obvious I guess? KVirc, an IRC client which is able to display multiple channels at the same time. KScope.
  • Hardware: No laptop, Athlon 2800+ with 1GB and some disks. Monitor on a long cord and wireless keyboard and mouse. So I place the monitor near the couch.
  • Homepage:
  • Blog:

Volker Krause

A Short Intro